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Join the End of Season Trip to Cambodia

Hi there Bombers

Since 2012 BBFC has conducted an incredible post season experience in Cambodia for its members (see reports below). These trips are open to members and their families and provide a great insight into life in Cambodia as well as the opportunity to provide practical support to our Cambodian friends.

If you are interested in being part of the next tour please contact me asap.

Brett “Bretta” White
BBFC Chaplain

Visit for information on past and upcoming trips


This year 17 people connected to BBFC once again embarked on a unique experience in Cambodia. It is a truly unique experience because the trip embraces a variety of elements across the 7 days.

It is not a holiday, because the primary focus of the trip is other people, not ourselves, although we do engage in some cultural site seeing, dinners out and the traditional Khmer massage. (All above board and safe)

It is unique because we combine football and sport alongside serving the poor and their communities. Our focuses are on teamwork, serving, relationships, football and generosity. Money raised goes toward providing resources for the 20 centres, materials for maintenance and painting, sporting giveaways and other services to the poor.

We partner with a local NGO called Transform Cambodia,which does fantastic work with kids in very poor areas providing food, tutoring, teaching English and hygiene, and support to the families and wider community. (Kids only go to school half a day in Cambodia but 6 days a week, and the other half of the day they spend in the centres) This gets them off the street, empowers them by teaching English, hygiene and other basic life skills, and feeds them one ‘all you can eat.. meal, for some the only meal they will get that day. It also empowers locals, as all the staff (teachers, managers, cooks and cleaners) are local Khmer people in training.

This year we ran 6 football clinics with over 300 kids ranging from 5 years old to 15 years old, all from the poorest areas of Phnom Penh, Cambodia. We served the communities they live in by re-painting one of the kids centres, serving them on their monthly  rice day (where families receive a monthly supply of rice giving away shirts, balls, medical supplies and other bits and pieces, and of course taking the kids to local sports centres for a couple of hours of fun and football.

We shared meals with the locals in the centres, prepared by the cooks in the centres and the food is brilliant. We formed many great and lasting relationships with the locals, who despite having very little, are extremely happy, hospitable and friendly  …  particularly the kids who smile and laugh and can’t get enough hugs from their new Aussie friends.

The other unique part of this experience is the soccer we get to play together, with most soccer clinics ending in a short 20 minute game of 6 v 6 against the locals. They are very keen to beat the Aussies and it’s a very competitive and exhausting 20 minutes. We also organize a proper game on a full pitch against a local teaming from Phnom Penh, the Eagles. This year they were keen for revenge as we beat them 2-11ast year and after 25 minutes our unbeaten international record was looking shaky at 2-0 down. But our combined team (from

U13s to 045s and both male and female) in true BBFC style fought back to finish with 3-3 draw, keeping our unbeaten international record in tact. Well done team. Next year it looks like there will be 3 teams (2 from Phnom Penh) playing a round robin style tournament. Lots of fun in very hot and humid conditions, luckily water is very cheap in Cambodia.

All in all,  a brilliant experience and a great team effort across the 7 days. I’m proud to be associated with BBFC as we continue to serve our way into the hearts of the Cambodian people. Ask any of the 17 people who went this year and they will tell you it was a life-changing experience that they will always remember. Plans for 2014 are already underway with a few new and exciting things on the agenda for another exciting week of serving, teamwork, football, friendships and generosity. Thanks for ALL the support from the BBFC community. Stay tuned.

The images below show a small sample of what we achieved.

Brett White (trip coordinator)


Image_002 Image_003 Image_004 Image_005 Image_006 Image_007 Image_008 Image_009 Image_010 Image_011



A huge thank you to people/organisations who supported/sponsored Bonnet Bay Football Club 35F’s and their team members on their recent end of year trip with a purpose to Cambodia.

The 14 guys that toured had an unforgettable and life changing trip.  As promised, we wanted to ensure that our supporters received recognition of the trip and had some supportive information as to how their financial support or donations of equipment were used.  To that end, please find attached a You Tube clip of the tour below.  Unfortunately it is 10 minutes in length, but it was impossible to reduce further to ensure we capture the essence and importance of the tour.

On behalf of the individuals you supported or the Bonnet Bay Football Club, we thank you for your support, more importantly the kids of Cambodia appreciate your support and we all look forward to returning in the future.

I hope you can find the 10 minutes to look through the attached.

If you need anything further from myself in relation to this trip, please don’t hesitate to contact myself on 0415 757 757.

For the record, we played 2 soccer games in Cambodia, one against a supposed National team (1 all) and another against a village team (BBFC winning 2 -1)

More importantly we were able to partner with a wonderful organisation called Transform Cambodia that assists some of the poorest kids in our world.  A link to their website is below.

The team was able to not just raise funds, but donate substantial clothing to the kids, complete numerous building projects from bricklaying to painting and electrical work.

Once again, we thank you for your support.



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