Coaches & Managers

BBFC has developed a unique player development system. Features are:

  • We engage a professional technical director to assist coaches and players of our younger teams up to under 16 years.
  • We ave a growth mindset stream focused on psychological training
  • Our youngest teams use a curriculum especially developed for BBFC and train in a squad style rather than individual teams until they reach under 10s.
  • We have specialist goalkeeping coaching sessions for all keepers

Please email if you are interested in becoming a coach or  part of our player development team eg specialist goalkeeper coach, fitness etc.

The Player Development Committee (PDC) appoints Co-ordinators who liaise with and support Coaches within different areas of the club. The PDC also appoints Coaches & Managers. 

All BBFC Coaches are encouraged to participate in training courses and seminars to improve their understanding of issues. The club is happy to pay for Coaches to attend approved courses.

All coaches & managers have an obligation to work within club policies which are agreed at the Annual General Meeting each year. These policies cover various matters including “What We Stand For”, Code of Conduct, Player Development, Grading, Safety and more.

To assist the club meets its obligations all Coaches and Managers are required to:

  • register at using either your current FFA number or, if you do not have one, a new FFA no. you create. Select the 2017 Coach or 2017 Manager package as appropriate (there is no charge).
  • if you are a parent or close family member of a player, and involved with a team with any players aged under 18, complete a FNSW_Member_Protection_Declaration_Form – return this to or return it to the Lakewood Clubhouse.
  • if you are not a parent or close family member, and are involved with a team with any players aged under 18, you need to either provide us with a current WWC no. and your date of birth or register here . Once registered send details to

Coaches & Managers will provide their personal contact details to team members.

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