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Published on November 1st, 2015 | by President


AGM Report

Thank you to those members who attended the AGM on Monday 9/11/15. The minutes will be posted to this website shortly.

While there was much to discuss the major talking point was around the club’s exciting proposal to convert the tennis court/cricket pitch area at Lakewood into a modern multipurpose area. See report below.

Lakewood Multipurpose Courts

BBFC was selected as council’s preferred partner for the long term management of the tennis courts at Lakewood. This followed them inviting Expression of Interests earlier this year. The final stage of BBFC’s 2008 strategic plan is to transform the tennis court/cricket practice area at Lakewood into a quality multi use facility that is fully integrated with the Community Clubhouse we opened in 2015.

Council is currently inviting public consultation on the future operations of tennis courts at Lakewood (and elsewhere) (refer http://jointheconversation.sutherlandshire.nsw.gov.au/Tennis-Courts-Review). We urge all members who see the benefit of our proposal to indicate their support to ensure this project is not stalled by any minority interests who may be opposed to it. See a concept plan attached and the following statement from the club which you may use as you wish to join the discussion.

BBFC Position Statement:

The tennis courts at Lakewood City Reserve have been in poor condition for a number of years. Council has been reluctant to invest further into the maintenance of the courts due to the low utilisation of the courts. This mirrors council’s experience at other locations across the shire.

At Bonnet Bay FC’s Annual General Meeting on 9/11/15 members supported a proposal to further develop and seek approval for its plans to transform the tennis court and cricket pitch areas adjoining the new Community Clubhouse.

In doing so the members acknowledged the importance of:

  • ensuring that the existing users of the tennis and cricket facilities would benefit from enhanced facilities just as the soccer club would.
  • ensuring existing users continue to have access to the facilities to pursue their interests
  • the courts/facilities being available for a wide range of other recreational sports /games
  • the club committing to the ongoing management and maintenance of the courts/facilities

Features of the proposal are:

  • retention of the northern tennis court as a hard court. This would be re-surfaced with fencing and lighting upgraded
  • building 2 new multi-use courts side by side across the areas currently occupied by the southern tennis court, the tennis amenities block, cricket practice wickets and the northern end of the car park
  • marking a 20m x 30m field perimeter on each of the new courts allowing use for under 6s & under 7s football, futsal, hockey, bowls etc. Incorporating a standard size tennis court of 10.973m x 23.77m within each court. The symmetry in the court design reduces confusion caused by lines for different uses.
  • building 3 new cricket practice nets that would open onto the new court. These would be reserved for club practice.
  • building 2 new cricket pitches in the reserve for public use
  • installing an outdoor seniors exercise circuit within the park

This project will meet the objectives set out above and be of long term benefit to the community.  


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